Jonathan Franzen's Purity Is an Irrelevant Piece of Shit 

CML · 09/08/15 01:30PM

It is obvious from its first page that Purity is a worthless novel and its author, Jonathan Franzen, a worthless writer. Even the very first line, spoken by one of Franzen’s “characters,” is unbelievable: “Oh pussycat, I’m so glad to hear your voice”—the voice that of no human who has ever walked this earth, except an inept and pretentious novelist.

What Happens When a Black Man Brings Segregation Back? Hilarity.

Evan Narcisse · 03/23/15 11:45AM

The Sellout opens up with the most fraught of American judicial paradigms: a black man appearing before the Supreme Court to hear if what he's done with his life is legally allowed. It's not just any old offense being considered either. We're talking slavery and segregation, remixed for 2015.