Flavorwire interviewed Matthew Klickstein, a man you've never heard of before, about his book, SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age. Mid-interview he decided to wax philosophic about diversity in the terms above. Now, I suspect, his "woman" publicist and "woman" editor both wish he were dead.

Don't do this when you have a book to promote.

[UPDATE, 10:15 A.M.]: It turns out that Klickstein is also the author of a self-published e-book entitled Rag Doll. Here is his plot summary:

From Mathew Klickstein comes a new classic of erotic horror: Oliver Maxwell is demented, depraved, and disturbed. He's also one of the most caring young men you could ever hope to meet. In his own words, he both loves and hates women with equal intensity, confessing, "Some I hate so much, I have to see them naked." If you think Oliver Maxwell is complicated, just wait until you read about his sex life...

... Heavens.

[ UPDATE: A prior version of this post stated that Klickstein's self-published e-book was a Kindle single. An Amazon rep emailed us to clarify that Klickstein is not a Kindle Singles author. Apparently it's a thing. Gawker regrets the error.]